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hi friend!

I'm Deborah

Wife to a sweet guy, mother to three and Nana to five ! (IKR)

Lover of Coffee and Chai Tea, all things tropical, my three furbaby Bichon's (yes, three) and my wonderful family.

Oh, and i LOVE pretty planners and fancy pens. 

My latest obsession -practicing my Violin. My love of the violin comes from my Irish roots I'm sure!

Hopefully someday I will play well enough to let others hear me ;)

Most days you can find me planning my next tropical vacation, editing photos, and listening to a variety of music.

I like to mix it up. I love all music. 

And Fajitas. Love them. What goes with fajitas?

Margaritas! Who doesn't love Margaritas? Right?

Ok, enough about me. Let's take some photos y'all!

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